Friday, September 2, 2016

A Couple Portland Houses and I miss you already!

Dear Country Mouse,

I can't believe you really got to visit!! It has been such a thing of conversation and now it came and actually happened. Alas, you did go home, but still your visit is warm and near.

How has being back been? Was work as busy as before you left? I am glad we got to go over ideas for your classes, I think the nature crafts class will be super fun and the kids will be thrilled : )

I am adding a few pictures of houses here. I feel like you got to see so many, yet somehow everywhere I drive I see more I wish you could have experienced during your visit. It's no secret I want you to LOVE Portland. I dream that at some point you will come live here near me and we will have so much more time to play and and work together.

Miss you so much!!!

City Mouse

portland, oregon, houses, green house, painted house

house, portland oregon
 (Can you believe that rounded porch opening?)
(Did you find the gnome?)
(And this guy makes me sure I miss having cats.)

P.S. Pictures from your trip. I have more, but I have yet to put them on my computer. I'll add them when I write soon! 

portland oregon penninsula park

          Love you!

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