About City Mouse

City Mouse, properly named Marica Natali Thompson, wasn't always a city mouse. She grew up in the wilderness outside of Ojai, California. She and her husband raised their three kids for many years in those same mountains. She now loves her new home, Portland Oregon, where for the first time in her life she feels, at home, in a culture that feeds her never ending desire to create things.

Marica currently runs a pie truck and in her off-time works on books and cleaning the house… 

Marica Natali Thompson is the author/illustrator of two children’s books, Oh My Sweet Baby and One Treat After Another, both published by Escargot Books and Music. She also is the illustrator of SummertimeEscargot Books and Music and The Blue Heron Ranch Cookbook, North Atlantic Books, 2008. Marica authors her own blog wasabihoneybee.blogspot.com

Marica's Books:



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