Friday, March 17, 2017

A SPIN BIN, or so they say it is called...

Dearest Country Mouse,

I miss you! I feel like every time I look at a flowering bulb you come to mind. Eeks, SPRING IS HERE!!!

So over the last week my mama visited and we got a new bin/storage display container for my work-room. I still haven't even sent you pictures of the work-room but I will soon. Last time you visited it was a carpeted TV room... Now, hurray, it has the old carpet pulled up an the TV is out!

Sam helped me spray paint the bin (they say it is called a spin bin, but I feel like a dork saying it) as it was rather brown and everything in that room is very brown already. It made me think about us spraying the pie sign when you were here and I missed you a little more...
 But, Sam helped, and was good at reminding me to hold my breath. Gosh that stuff is strong!
 And now, voila, here it is!

Hugs and catch up with you soon!

City Mouse

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day

Dearest Country Mouse,

Well HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!! We celebrated like maniacs at the truck making 13 kinds of pie. THIRTEEN!

The day was grey and rainy, but I was impressed by how many people still came out to eat pie.

 Alright, well I just wanted to send you a few pictures...

Love you!!!

City Mouse

Friday, December 16, 2016


Dear Country Mouse,

It's been snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE YOU!!!!!!

City Mouse

Monday, September 26, 2016

I Can Paint!

Dear City Mouse,

 I've done it again. Today I bought an old book for 50 cents to repurpose as an art journal.  I took the book home, and added gesso to a couple pages.

 I'm sick and kind of depressed. I figured I would use the book to test out mediums and ideas.  Since I don't feel confident in my painting abilities, I figured it wouldn't come out well.  This happens to me every time.
If I'm using nice paper, it doesn't work out, but if I'm using junk, I love it.

 I guess I'm just going to embrace the gesso and keep trying on the junk till I feel more confident?

  Good grief I miss you my friend. Please write soon and send me some photos.

Country Mouse

P.S. I've been watching lessons on YouTube by Tamara Laporte.
She also does online classes at
This painting was inspired by her lessons

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Tiny Marc Chagall

Dear City Mouse,

 It just occurred to me today, that the little doll I made for my book should be paining a Chagall in the opening scene.

 Chagall was a Russian Jew from Belarus in the same era my story takes place.
I can't believe it didn't occur to me sooner! I have painted the tiniest painting and created her paintbrush as well.  

 I took a hike with Genevieve this morning first, then painted the tiny painting, so you can imagine how much you have been on my mind.

 I love you dearly, and hope you can visit soon.

Country Mouse

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Couple Portland Houses and I miss you already!

Dear Country Mouse,

I can't believe you really got to visit!! It has been such a thing of conversation and now it came and actually happened. Alas, you did go home, but still your visit is warm and near.

How has being back been? Was work as busy as before you left? I am glad we got to go over ideas for your classes, I think the nature crafts class will be super fun and the kids will be thrilled : )

I am adding a few pictures of houses here. I feel like you got to see so many, yet somehow everywhere I drive I see more I wish you could have experienced during your visit. It's no secret I want you to LOVE Portland. I dream that at some point you will come live here near me and we will have so much more time to play and and work together.

Miss you so much!!!

City Mouse

portland, oregon, houses, green house, painted house

house, portland oregon
 (Can you believe that rounded porch opening?)
(Did you find the gnome?)
(And this guy makes me sure I miss having cats.)

P.S. Pictures from your trip. I have more, but I have yet to put them on my computer. I'll add them when I write soon! 

portland oregon penninsula park

          Love you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm coming to see you!!!

Dear City Mouse,

I am writing you with the great news that I really got two tickets to go visit you!!!!
I'm out of my mind with excitement.
I finally get to see your new home, your food truck, and the bustling city of Portland.

For so long now, I have imagined what it is like.  I have so many clear pictures in my mind, like those you paint when reading a novel.  I'm so curious to see what it's really like, so eagerly anticipating 
seeing you.  

I have new classe to teach coming up, and I've been playing with new mediums.
As you know I avoid all two dimensional art, and I have a fear of the flat, blank, white page.

I was away with Paul alone at his cabin for a couple days.  We had a great time, and really needed to connect.  I brought a big bag of supplies to create some art, since I have a drawing and painting class coming up.  I needed a fresh outlook, so my students wouldn't sense my fear and doubt.  I was just playing on drawing paper, and I'm very pleased with my result.

I was thinking also, about a friends post about growing old and remembered a conversation we recently had.

Think back to when you were 14, 16, 18, when your body was in its prime. 
I always felt like my belly had too much pooch, even when I was matching and breaking the females weight lifting records.
I could run hard, jump far and practically fly. I was invincible.

Did I feel beautiful? Not really.
I was confident, and knew I had beautiful qualities, but always matched them with my imperfections.

Sometime after having kids, and feeling pretty old I found a photo of myself in a bikini.
I really was baffled by it.
How could I have looked that way and felt so self conscious?
At the time I found that photo, I would have gladly rocked that body. I thought,
"I must have been crazy to have not appreciated this."

The other thought that occurred to me was that in 20 years I would be finding a photo of myself in that same stage, and be thinking the same thing.
That thought really resonated with me. I made a sort of pact with myself to just let go, and appreciate what I had because in reality, it was only downhill from there.

Since then I have discovered the beauty which comes with age. Wisdom, confidence, intelligence, patience, self love, and all the beauty that comes with it is such a gift.
I can honestly say, that I feel far more satisfaction in making something beautiful, than worrying about weather I am.

Country Mouse.