Monday, September 26, 2016

I Can Paint!

Dear City Mouse,

 I've done it again. Today I bought an old book for 50 cents to repurpose as an art journal.  I took the book home, and added gesso to a couple pages.

 I'm sick and kind of depressed. I figured I would use the book to test out mediums and ideas.  Since I don't feel confident in my painting abilities, I figured it wouldn't come out well.  This happens to me every time.
If I'm using nice paper, it doesn't work out, but if I'm using junk, I love it.

 I guess I'm just going to embrace the gesso and keep trying on the junk till I feel more confident?

  Good grief I miss you my friend. Please write soon and send me some photos.

Country Mouse

P.S. I've been watching lessons on YouTube by Tamara Laporte.
She also does online classes at
This painting was inspired by her lessons

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